Lauren Bottino is a graphic designer studying Advertising with a course concentration in Art Direction and a double major with Visual Studies at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Residing in the Philadelphia/New Jersey region, this designer is commonly found in front of a laptop or reading a good book. She was last spotted looking for full-time graphic design and art direction opportunities.
In the wild, she can commonly be found wearing a hue of pink so light it's almost white. This specific hue makes up 75% of the items she owns. Additionally, she is a known meme-fanatic. She once wrote a paper about How Memes Influenced the 2016 Election and has been frequently heard saying "graphic design is my passion".  
Although relatively docile, she has no shortage of opinions to share and does not shy away from conflict. When approaching, it's best to get straight to the point. There is no time for small-talk when designs are waiting. 
Last seen: In quarantine, reading the Paradox of Choice: More is Less by Barry Schwartz and Bauhaus, the definitive reference work, by Magdalena Droste. 
Previous Research: According to research by previous employers, her top three skills from the Clifton strengths assessment are Strategy, Competition, and Individualization. She is a Meyer-Briggs ENTP and overwhelmingly scored Red on the Keirsey temperament assessment.
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