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Tree House Books s a non-profit, giving library, serving underprivileged children in North Philadelphia, aiming to ensure that every child has access to books.  For my capstone advertising class, students from each track within the advertising major (project managers, copywriters, researchers, brand strategists, art directors and media planners) were placed on teams and responsible for creating an advertising campaign from primary research to final pitch. Our challenge was to raise brand awareness and increase the number of Temple University student volunteers. 

Primary research revealed that 58% of respondents volunteer to fulfill a class or fraternity/sorority requirement while approximately 84% of respondents within the Temple community are unaware of Tree House Books mission,. 44% of respondents reported that they are interested in volunteering with nonprofits, showing that they have an interest in altruistic work. Of those who responded that they are volunteering or have volunteered, less than 3% have volunteered with Tree House Books. Additionally, respondents cited distance as their primary obstacle to volunteering, yet respondents were choosing to volunteer with more well-known organizations located farther away from campus due to a lack of awareness about Tree House Books. 
During secondary research we found a statistic that struck us: people were more likely to help a neighbor than they were to volunteer.

The Campaign
Meet Your Neighbor positions Tree House Books as a local, convenient, impactful volunteer opportunity for students. The campaign would feature children served through Tree House Books, inviting the target audience not only to meet their neighbors and fulfill volunteer requirements, but also have a lasting, positive impact on a child’s life. The campaign would be executed through a variety of mediums, including geographic social media targeting in a radius around Temple’s campus, Spotfiy ads with and a sponsored study playlist, SEPTA digital screens and print ads, and guerilla tactics such as placing graphics on the sidewalk to enforce the close proximity of Tree House Books.
We competed against five other groups in our class and presented to a panel of Tree House Book’s various board members and Temple faculty.  Our group won the pitch

The Rebrand
In addition to the campaign, the entire brand suite was redesigned. The challenge was to make the visual identity of Tree House Books appealing to children, parents, and potential volunteers. This vibrant new look is both age-appropriate for young children while not looking immature to college-aged volunteers. In combination with a dynamic use of shapes and color, Tree House Books will appear to be a fun and energetic place to either attend or volunteer. Bookmarks, posters, stickers, and brochures, would be used in freshman welcome week packages and raise brand awareness upon arrival to campus.
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