Tree House Books provides a space for underprivileged children to learn critical literacy skills that will improve their quality of life. For my capstone advertising class, students from every track, project managers, copywriters, researchers, brand strategists, art directors and media planners, were place were tasked with creating an advertising campaign from scratch, from initial research to final pitch. The art directors were also tasked with the challenge to rebrand Tree House Books. We competed against 5 other groups in our class and presented to a panel of Tree House Book's various board members. Our group won the pitch
The purpose of this rebrand is to create a visual identity that is both eye-catching and sets Tree House Books apart from other non-profits. The challenge is to make the visual identity of Tree House Books appealing to children, parents, and potential volunteers. This vibrant new look is both age-appropriate for young children while not looking immature on college-aged volunteers. In combination with a dynamic use of shapes and color, Tree House Books will appear to be a fun and energetic place to either attend or volunteer.  
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